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Pictured above are new members of the Willow community that vonuteered to become members of the Willow CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).
Training took place at the Willow Community Center November 7th and 14th. Willow Fire Dept. provided hands on training on fire safety and live fire extinguisher use. Matsu's Emergency Services instructed the group in emergency triage, emergency treatment and movement of injured persons with improvised stretchers and manual carries. North American Outdoor Institute(NAOI) presented disaster search and rescue. Sunshine Clinic taught a unit on Disaster Psychology and communication. A disaster drill was held at the end of training where the students had to apply the skills they had learned during their training to locate and rescue victims of a simulated earthquake disaster. Disaster victims were volunteers from the Willow community, the First Baptist Church of Willow Youth Group, and Willow CERT members that completed training last year. A big thanks goes out to Willow CERT team members Brenda McCain and Kathy Watkins and to Bea Adler, Matsu LEPC and NAOI , for organizing this training and providing much of the training. This FEMA CERT training was funded by a Revenue Sharing Grant from WACO.

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This web site is a service for the community of Willow, Alaska. Willow is located in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. Our population is about 2000 residents.

On our site, you can find minutes and agendas of our meetings, usually held on the first Monday of the month, or information on using the Community Center. News and announcements from our committees and local community groups will also be posted as received. See the calendar for the schedule of local activities/events.