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Energy Audit Completed April 2007

At the request of the Chair (and reported at the April 2nd General Meeting), an audit of Community Center electrical appliances was carried out by Jim Dukes, of Dukes Electric. This audit was completed in April.

His findings, and an estimated cost for correction are summarized below—




Refrigerators & freezers, half full, with leaking gaskets, used for storage of non-perishable items. The large one in particular never stopped running the entire time I was there.
Consolidate items into less units, unplug or remove unneeded units, repair damaged gaskets on doors. Install individual watt meters on each unit, as to locate largest consumption.

2 Exhaust fan in upper storage for bathrooms making noises & running nonstop except when physically turned off.
Replace fan & install timer to run only when restrooms will be used.
3 Outdated florescent fixtures through out facility.
Remove & replace fixtures with energy efficient electronic ballasts & lamps.
4 Range hood & Heat system not running efficiently.
Range hood should be cleaned & Heat system should be inspected & receive maintenance by qualified HVAC contractor.
5 Fan motors, pump motors, appliance motors, & heat pumps in use, creating large initial pull from utility (MEA) at start up.
Install Power-Save unit. (see below)

The Power-Save Unit reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing (in its capacitors) otherwise lost electricity (watts) caused by the inductive motors in your appliances. (Some examples of inductive motors are air conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, heat pumps, vacuum cleaners, furnace blower motors, fans etc.)

The technology applied by the Power-Save Unit supplies that stored electricity back to your inductive loads, thus causing you to decrease your demand from the utility. If you decrease your demand from the utility, your meter slows down, and you use less electricity. The thought is, you’ve already paid for that electricity, why pay for it and waste it when you can pay for it, store it, and reuse it again. This whole process is called power factor optimization. Motors will run about 10% cooler, which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor. The unit protects from power line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems, loose connections and fluctuating demand from large motors such as appliances, vacuum cleaners, heating and cooling equipment, etc.

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Estimated costs

Remove & replace (2) pole mounted 175 watt Mercury vapor fixtures & lamps $500.00
Remove existing lighting from Mens & Womens lavatories; replace with (3) each 4’-2 lamp energy efficient fluorescent fixtures 800.00
Remove existing lighting from Office, replace with (2) 4’-2 lamp energy efficient fixtures & lamps 400.00
Remove & replace approx. 30 ballast & 60 lamps with energy efficient electronic ballasts & T8 lamps in existing hallway fluorescent fixtures 2,500.00
Remove & replace approx. (22) 4’-2 lamp fluorescent fixtures located in Kitchen & storage areas with energy efficient fixtures & lamps 2,300.00
Remove & replace approx. (24) 8’ fluorescent fixtures located in the auditorium with energy efficient fixtures & lamps 3,500.00
Remove & replace (6) exterior wall pack light fixtures with new fixtures of equal or better quality & lamps 2,000.00
Install Power Save unit for up to 25% savings on electric cost 1,500.00


Estimates by Dukes Electric

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