Willow Area Community Organization

Facility Use Cleaning

Check List


  1. Clean
  2. Vacuum


  1. Vacuum
  2. Empty trash


  1. Wipe tables and chairs
  2. Wipe counter separating kitchen from main hall
  3. Clean wall around garbage cans and wall in front of counter of spills
  4. Empty all garbage cans (dumpsters in front of building)
  5. Sweep and mop main floor (Change mop bucket water regularly)
  6. If stage is used, sweep and mop

Hallway leading into kitchen

  1. Sweep and mop


  1. Take up rubber mats.
  2. Clean stove and ovens (if used)
  3. Clean and empty refrigerator and freezer
  4. Wash and put away any kitchen utensils that are used
  5. Wash and put away any dishes, pots, and pans that are used
  6. Wipe all surfaces down
  7. Clean sinks
  8. All cloths that are used must be washed out and hung to dry
  9. Sweep and mop floor
  10. Rinse out mop and bucket. Hang mop from bucket so that it can dry without souring.

Planning & Facility Operations Committee
Roni Widner, Vice Chair WACO
Phone: 6026 Email: vice@waco-ak.org